Senior Software Engineer, Big Data

The opportunity: 

You will be a part of Cactus Labs which is the R&D Cell of Cactus Communications. Cactus Labs is a high impact cell that works to solve complex technical and business problems that help keep us strategically competitive in the industry. We are a multi-cultural team spread across multiple countries. We work in the domain of AI/ML especially with Text (NLP - Natural Language Processing), Language Understanding, Explainable AI, Big Data, AR/VR etc.

Within Cactus Labs you will work with the Big Data team. This is a small team that manages 20-30TB of data today which is on its way to grow to 150-200Tb within the next 10-12 months. We have also designed a custom orchestration service to handle this data at scale. We operate across all the three Cloud Platforms and leverage the best of them.

In this role, you will get to own a component from its inception. You will also get to work on could platform and learn to design systems for cloud and operate at scale. 


Role Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with a team of Big Data Engineers, Big Data and Cloud Architects and Domain SMEs to drive the product ahead 
  • Stay up to date with the progress of in the domain since We work on cutting-edge technologies and are constantly trying new things out 
  • Design and build solutions for massive scale. This requires extensive benchmarking to pick the right approach 
  • Understand the data in and out, and make sense of it. You will at times need to draw conclusions and present it to the business users 
  • Be independent, self-driven and highly motivated. While you will have the best people to learn from and access to various courses or training materials, we expect you to take charge of your growth and learning. 


Requirements (Desired skills & experience)

  • 2- 5 Year of relevant experience in Big Data
  • Experience in the Big Data ecosystem is a must. 
  • Hands on experience of distributed computing and Big Data Ecosystem - Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Spark etc 
  • Good understanding of data lake and their importance in a Big Data Ecosystem 
  • Hands on knowledge of using visualization tools and creating data dashboard for easy consumption of the data. 
  • Familiarity with search engines like Elasticsearch and Bigdata warehouses systems like AWS Redshift, Google Big Query etc 
  • Experience of working in the Cloud Environment (AWS, Azure or GCP) 


Expectations from you: 

  • Hands on experience of distributed computing and Big Data Ecosystem - Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Spark etc 
  • Experience of working in the Cloud Environment (AWS, Azure or GCP) 
  • You have worked towards building Big Data Pipelines 
  • You know about data lake and their importance in a Big Data Ecosystem 
  • Hands on knowledge of using visualization tools and creating data dashboard for easy consumption of the data. 
  • Familiarity with search engines like ElasticSearch and Bigdata warehouses systems like AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery etc. 
  • You like to work without a lot of supervision or micromanagement. 
  • Above all, you get excited by data. You like to dive deep, mine patterns and draw conclusions. You believe in making data driven decisions and helping the team look for the pattern as well. 


Learn about Our Culture:

CACTUS is a culture-driven company powered by its people, their passion, and their inspiration. All Cactizens live by the culture and values that define us. We value people for their talent, personality, competency, and the ability to learn and grow. We create a work environment that allows people to thrive and show their best performance. We believe in meritocracy.

We take pride in our diversity. We strive to embrace diverse voices and create an inclusive workplace.

We encourage all Cactizens to talk openly about their ideas and opinions and provide feedback to anyone who is a part of CACTUS, regardless of designation, experience, or seniority. We also encourage them to place their trust and be open to differences in opinions and feedback.

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